The World of Juicing: A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Juicers and Their Various Uses

Introduction: What are Juicers? & Different Types of Juicers & Key Features Available


Already sounds delicious & healthy! 

But let me tell you with every sip you take, it offers a nutritional payoff whether it tastes sweet or bitter. 

People drink it because they want to absorb the nutrients quickly.

Juicing is one of the hottest trends that many people have adopted in the health market these days. And there’s a good possibility that you also want to be in the line of juice lovers too. 

You may either want to lose weight or your doctor or nutritionist suggested taking it regularly for your good health. 


If you have decided to juice means you are already on step one. But the real problem is what Different type of juicer you need.

Because there is a huge variety of juicers available in the market and it makes it difficult to choose your option. 

They all have their pros and cons. And which one is right for you is a difficult question to answer for now.

But it doesn’t mean you have to worry that much. 

In this discussion, we are going to explore the different types of juicers and what they can offer.

What are the Main Types of Juicers?

But before you go for any of these juicers, ask a few questions yourself

  • How much time do you have for juicing?
  • Are you going to put your efforts into a quick healthy snack or a health ritual?
  • Do you intend to extract juice from vegetables or fruits for high nutritional value or does convenience are all you seek?

You can keep reading once you have the answers to all the above questions.

In a quick overview! Let me summarize the whole story!

There are four main types of juicers: centrifugal, masticating, triturating & juicer press. A centrifugal juicer is popular for its speed in extracting juice from fruits and vegetables.

They use spinning blades to cut up the produce before pressing it against a strainer screen to extract the juice from it.

Masticating juicers use an auger to chew up fruit or vegetables before spitting out the juice that has been squeezed out through a filter cloth or screen.

The final type of juicer is triturating which uses an auger as well but also has a cutting disk that chops up to produce an excellent juice.

Health Benefits and Uses of Different Types of Juicers

1. Centrifugal Force Juicer!

Centrifugal juicers are an awesome kitchen appliance. They extract juice from fruits and vegetables by spinning the produce at a very high speed.

Centrifugal juicers are fast and efficient, which is why they’re becoming more popular in the market. 

These juicers can extract juice from all kinds of fruits, including hard ones like apples or oranges. They also have a wide feed chute so you don’t have to cut the produce into small pieces before putting them in the machine.

The centrifugal force created by these machines is what makes them so effective at extracting juice from fruits and vegetables.

It’s generated by applying a rotating motion to an object – like when you spin a bucket of water around your head!

The biggest unique selling point behind centrifugal juicers is their fastness, and efficiency and they are cheaper to buy at the market.

So, let’s dig a little deeper into how these juicers work.

The centrifugal juicers pass the fruits and vegetables directly to the blades that shred them with a speed of 6,000-14,000 RPM by passing through a feed tube. 

The spinning basket of centrifugal juicers throws the juice to the sides and pushes it out to a sharp screen that goes finally into the glass or jug. 

The excellent thing about centrifugal juicers is that their juice tends to separate quickly. It includes skins, stems, and seeds up to 30%. 


  1. Centrifugal juicers are an efficient way of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables especially if you have brought a wide tube juicer to take a whole small apple, orange, or cucumber. 
  2. They are fast, easy to use, and clean.
  3. The centrifugal juicer is a popular choice for people who want to make fresh juice on the go.
  4. It is also a great option for people who have limited space in their kitchen as they take up less space than other juicers.
  5. Centrifugal juicers take up less space than other types of juicers
  6. Centrifugal juicers are cheap to make. Therefore they aren’t that expensive to buy.


  1. The first con is that these juicers require a lot of prep time. You need to cut up the produce, which takes time and can lead to cutting your fingers or hands if you’re not careful.
  2. Another con is that these juicers can be loud and messy. They make a lot of noise while they’re working, which can be annoying especially when you’re trying to sleep or when you have guests over for dinner.
  3. Centrifugal juicers do not extract as much juice as other types of juicers, like masticating or cold press juicers do.
  4. It produces low-quality juice because the high-speed rotation of the machines causes heat up and degrades the juice quality.
  5. It causes more oxidation and creates foam on the top of the juice that separates it quickly.
  6. Centrifugal isn’t a very good option for leafy greens and wheatgrass.
  7. The produce doesn’t sustain freshness for long, separate in minutes.
  8. You can’t use nuts and seeds in the centrifugal juicers so making a milk nut is a no-go. 
  9. When you juice, it contains a huge amount of solid pulp and indigestible fibers.
  10. To sum up the whole story of centrifugal juicers, we have now come up with a point of view about centrifugal juicers.
  11. Despite some disadvantages, centrifugal juicers are still popular juicers for those who are on a tight budget and want to blend and taste juices quickly.
  12. Furthermore, it is also one of the best types of juicers that provide a huge nutritional value with the least effort.
  13. They are a cheaper and extremely great option for those who are beginners in the world of juicing.

2. Masticating Juicers!

A masticating juicer is a type of juicer that crushes the produce and then presses it to extract the juice. The juice is extracted at a slower pace than with centrifugal juicers, which can result in a higher quality of juice.

Masticating juicers are also known as cold-press juicers or slow-juicers. They are typically more expensive than centrifugal juicers, but they have been shown to produce higher quality juices.

These Juicers use the gear to crush the vegetables and fruits against and through the sharp screen at a speed of 80-100 rotations per minute. The end product is pulpy, foamy, and bitter with a thick and chunky mouthfeel. 

Many brands in the market are marketing it as Cold-pressed. However, they don’t possess any press at all. 


  1. The pros of a masticating juicer are that it can extract more juice from fruits and vegetables than any other type of juicer.
  2. It has less oxidation and heat exposure which means that the juice will stay fresher, and longer.
  3. Masticating juicers are known for their ability to produce higher quality juice with less pulp and oxidation, which can help keep your juice fresh for longer.
  4. You can use Masticating juicers to extract juice from kale, spinach, and wheatgrass.
  5. You can make nut milk with these juicers.
  6. They can act as a grain mill that helps you make nut butter and baby food.
  7. They can crush frozen fruits to make frozen treats instantly.


  1. It can be more expensive than other types of juicers and it might not be as efficient in extracting juice from leafy greens.
  2. They require more prep work as they have a smaller chute.
  3. They are more expensive compared to centrifugal juicers.
  4. The masticating juicer is a type of juicer that crushes food by using a single auger.
  5. They are a mess when you want to clean them.
  6. They extract the juice slowly.
  7. Masticating Juicers are also sometimes called cold press juicers because they use slow, dense crushing action to extract the juice from produce.
  8. Masticating juicers take up more counters and can be extremely bulky.
  9. There is a high amount of solid pulp and indigestible fibers that make the system work harder to absorb the nutrients. 
  10. The options you select depend on the requirement you have. The masticating juicers are ideal for those who have more time for juicing.
  11. It is because these juicers take more time to juice as compared to centrifugal.
  12. However, we all look at the end produce, so if you want to create a higher quality juice as compared to centrifugal, Masticating juicers are the ones you are looking for.

3. Triturating juicers!

Let’s get some confusing lingos out of the way first!

Triturating means grinding to powdered form which means a juicer that grinds the stuff down to powdered form.  

Triturating juicers are a type of juicer that is used for extracting juice from vegetables, fruits, and other soft foods. These types of juicers are usually more expensive than the other types of juicers.

Triturating juicers can be categorized into two groups: low speed and high speed. Low-speed triturating juicers have a slower rotation speed than high-speed triturating juicers. 

This allows them to extract more nutrients from the food that they process because they rotate at a slower rate.

If you are looking for options that handle leafy greens and wheatgrass without pulling down the nutrients in your juice, triturating juicers are the best for it.  

Triturating Juicers: Twin Gear Design

Triturating juicers are an excellent choice for people who do not want to juice large quantities of produce. They are also a great option for people who want to make sure that they extract every drop of juice out of their produce.

There are two types of triturating juicers on the market: single gear and twin gear. The design difference between these two is the amount of torque that they create to turn the gears.

Twin gear triturating juicers create more torque than single gear, which means that they can extract more juice from your produce before it gets too dry.


  1. Triturating juicers are very efficient in extracting juice from difficult to juice produce like wheatgrass and leafy greens.
  2. The blades on triturating juicers can be sharpened which means that they can last for years without needing to be replaced.
  3. It is easier to clean a triturating juicer than it is to clean a centrifugal or masticating type of machine.
  4. Triturating juicers save a lot of time for you because you don’t have to cut all your veggies and fruits. I would highly recommend it if you have to do kitchen prep. The twin gears put less stress on the motor.
  5. The twin gear method is highly beneficial if you intend to extract a high amount of nutrients in your end-produce. Twin gear means more nutrition. 
  6. Both the front of the gear and omega are similar in design.
  7. The green star has teeth edged onto the red part of the gear. 
  8. Triturating juicers are a type of juicer designed to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits, vegetables, and other plant materials.
  9. They work by crushing the food into small pieces that are then pressed against a mesh screen.


  1. Triturating juicers have more moving parts than other types of machines which means they will need more maintenance over time.
  2. Some people prefer the taste of juices extracted by centrifugal or masticating machines.
  3. They are more expensive as compared to centrifugal and masticating juicers.
  4. It will take much time to set up and clean it up.
  5. They are a bit larger.


4. Juice Press

Juice Press is a hydraulic and pneumatic that specializes in producing high-quality, fresh-pressed juices. They have been in the juice business for over 10 years and are now expanding their business by introducing their line of juicers.

The Juice Press Juicer was created to be a versatile and powerful machine that can handle all kinds of fruit and vegetables. It uses an auger system to grind up the produce, which then extracts the juice from it. The result is a smooth, delicious drink with no pulp or seeds.

The machine itself has a sleek design and comes with three different juicing screens: fine, medium, and coarse. This allows users to customize their juice depending on what they want it to look like when they drink it.

The cold-press has derived from the term cold-press which is also used for other kinds of juicers. A juicer that contains a press is the only type of juicer that is called a cold-press juicer. 


  1. The juice press extracts most of the nutrients from vegetables and fruits.
  2. Create nearly no foam in the juice.
  3. Least oxidation.
  4. A juice press is good to use for making nut oil.
  5. You can use it to make dairy free milk drinks from hemp, nuts, seeds, oats, and soy.
  6. Create almost 100% pure juice that contains 99% liquid and 1% pulp.
  7. It can make a juice out of hard-to-juice items like leafy greens.
  8. The juice from the juice press has the longest shelf life where you can store it in a refrigerator up to 5 days with a little separation and lower its taste and nutrients.


  1. Juice press is expensive juicers.
  2. It requires reusable and limited-use press bags to contain the pulp.
  3. These juicers are somewhat cumbersome to clean and use.

Health Benefits!

Juicing isn’t a new fad for adults to sustain good health.

In fact, it has been around for centuries. Why? Because it has a tremendous amount of health 

benefits for those who want to stay fit and fresh.  

These days it’s becoming harder for everyone to keep track of fresh veggies and fruits to consume on a daily basis. To be honest, most of us don’t like to choke down a mustard green, kale, or arugula in our free time.  

Thankfully, we all can reap excellent health benefits from vegetables and fruits in the form of juices.

Juicing is a great way to get the nutrients that we need in our diet. When you juice fruits and vegetables, they are broken down into a liquid form which makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients. Juicing can be a great way to detoxify your body, lose weight, and feel healthier.

Let’s dig deeper into the 5 amazing health benefits of consuming juices!

1. Juices Increase Vitamins and Minerals in Your Body

Juices we extract from veggies and fruits are enriched with a tremendous amount of vitamins and minerals that could otherwise lack in your everyday food. Vitamins and minerals are good for you in case you haven’t thought about them in a while. Vitamins and minerals can help us think, grow, and work by increasing energy in our bodies.  

You must understand that your body can’t work to its full potential if your diet is lacking the required vitamins and minerals. 

Juicing is a fun way to incorporate vitamins and minerals into your diet if you don’t like to eat whole fruits and vegetables. 

2. Excellent way to lose your Weight

Everyone has a different eating style and unique needs that work better for you than someone else. Incorporating juices in your diet may help you lose some pounds. It depends on the vegetables and fruits you eat. Vegetables and fruit juices from morning till evening may have lower calories than the normal snacks you consume.

Most people eat calorie-deficient meals daily to lose a couple of pounds. However, it’s more recommended to increase juices intake throughout the day to use a more delicious easy-to-follow way.  

3. Feel more energetic body throughout the day

We wake up, get ready, grab a cup of coffee and go out of the doorway to begin is how we follow our daily routine. But have you ever noticed that you are way too much dependent on caffeine? Maybe you lose your steam around 2 pm. 

Juicing is an incredible way to feel energetic throughout the day without being dependent on caffeine.  

One of the best ways to feel energetic throughout the day is by increasing vitamin B. Leafy greens, citrus, beets, and ginger are the ultimate choice for those who want to take enough vitamin B on a daily basis.

4. Juices Give Rest to Your Body & Decrease Inflammations

Juices have tremendous anti-inflammatory properties to supplement your body if you are suffering from any pain or inflammation. Moreover, Vitamins C nourishes your body, and consuming darker, green & leafy vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin C.

You can reduce the side effects & overcome inflammation by maintaining a diet full of nutritional fruits and vegetables. 

Fresh juices are a great way to give rest to your body, recharge it, and give it a start over.

5. Protect Your Body Against Diseases!

The more you increase your juices intake, the more vitamins and minerals in your body that finally protect your body against any possible health threats. You can no longer feel threatened by high blood pressure, digestive system, diabetes, digestive system, and weak immune system. 

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Type of Juicer for Your Needs

Before we end our discussion, I would recommend keeping your juicer somewhere visible in your kitchen to take benefit out of it. Otherwise, it will end up unused somewhere in the cupboard which isn’t the right thing to do with a juicer. 

There are different kinds of juicers available in the market. It’s important to consider the dimensions before buying a juicer. Some of the extraordinary options are Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer, Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer & Tribest Slowstar Juicer. They can be the focal point of any kitchen.  

Now that you took the time to consider the key benefits and requirements of different juicers, let’s keep exploring to find and compare different brands and categories available for you that suit best your needs –step 2 types of juicers.

Keep Exploring!!

Talk Soon,